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And he INSISTS he can easily teach you the simple “code language” all
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(Sounds unbelievable? See the rock-solid proof below)

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"Worth Every Penny...and Then Some"

“...Just wanted to leave a few notes about the Beagle book ....Absolutely incredible book! ....We read the book front to cover several times and have referred back to it several times. Our dogs is now 5 months old-his name is Mico-and has not done any of the tings that people had said. We train and do what we are supposed to do based on the book and it has been a blessing.... If anyone is wondering if this book is worth the money-it is worth every penny and then some!

- Kevin A.
San Antonio , Texas


“Very Happy With Our Puppy Dog Now”

“We were having a lot of problems with the beagle. Just basic instructional things that we didnt know what to do....The information was concise and useful and we have just had a lot of fun with it and we are very happy with our puppy dog now.

Thanks a Lot!

- Linda Wells
Lake City
, Florida

"Used This Information to Housebreak My Beagle"

It had a lot of great information, it was well organized. There were a lot of helpful hints that were included in there from the writer...that I had not previously seen in some of the other books that I had picked up.

It was definately very helpful and I used this information to train my beagle as a puppy to housebreak him and also to learn some of the other simple tricks and things and obedience items that I had wanted to teach him from the very beginning.

It was definately very helpful!

- Matt.
Denver, Colorado


"Just Like Dr. Spocks Baby Book For Us”

"It is just like Dr. Spocks Baby Book for us. We turn to it all the time for everything you can possibly think of that this little dog does. It has been the best help-and I wouldn't know what to do...."

- Linda
Los Crisos, New Mexico


“It Will Not Only Help Us Now, It Will Help Us In The Future...As A Reference"

"...Very detailed, very helpful...we appreciate the insight. It was an expense that we really needed to make and has really been helpful to us!

However, it will not only help us now, it will help us in the future and we look forward to using it as a reference...

We are really greatful....thank you very much "

- Richard Rector


So study this report carefully to discover…

         How to “speak” the same language your beagle understands from the first day you bring him home so you can both communicate effectively with each other… even if you’ve never taken a course or read a book on dog training before!

        (These simple strategies will shave months off the usual learning curve beagles and their owners struggle through to understand one another. But you won’t have to!)

         How to teach your new best friend habits and rules you want them to abide by without force or struggle! (Influencing a beagle is very easy once I show you how to tap into their natural psychology and use it to keep them in check with no problems!)

         How to build a loving relationship between the two of you! (Give your beagle these five things – most owners overlook – and you’ll have a friend for life.)

         And much, much more…

Best part:     It’s GUARANTEED to work or costs you nothing…

From: Jonathan Page

Monday, 3:29 p.m.

Dear Beagle Lover,

     If you are about to buy a beagle or have owned one for years the secrets you will discover here (you don’t know yet) will change your life forever. Why?

     Because I’m about to reveal to you everything I learned over the past x# years while closely studying animal behavior and specifically how beagles think, act and respond to their owners. With this little-known information (even most “experienced” dog trainers have no clue about) you’ll be able to teach your new or old beagle to be a productive, well-behaved addition to the family.

     But that’s not all… I’m also going to reveal the latest research about how to keep your pet happy and healthy for the rest of its life. And a whole lot more.

You’ll learn…

        Why beagles are such an easy breed of dog to train! (Animal psychologists finally pinpointed the triggers that influence beagles to act like you want them to!)

         How to “condition” your adult dog to stop misbehaving even if everything you’ve tried so far has failed miserably! (Old dogs really can learn new tricks if you know how they like to learn!)

Critical Research You Must Do BEFORE
Acquiring A New Pet Beagle! Just A Little
Smart Investigation On Your Part Will Save
You Money And Possible Heartache!

         One simple activity beagles need at least once a day (preferably twice) to maintain optimal health! Otherwise, you’ll have a sick pet on your hands!

         Fun Facts: Why beagles have such long ears and a little white tip on their tail! (It all goes back to what beagles were originally bred for… and… once you understand their nature it’s a cinch to properly train them!)

         How to reduce or even eliminate shedding altogether! Simple once you know how… and it’s just about the only grooming beagles need now and again!

         A trait beagle owners love about this breed of dog! (You’ll never guess what it is offhand but you’ll be glad when you find out!)

         The biggest health problem beagles suffer from that is totally preventable without ever going to a costly vet!

         Where to go if you want to find out how to extend your dog’s life as long as possible! (A secret resource you’ll refer to again and again!)

         And much, much more!

     Imagine how great it will be once you know these beagle secrets that took me x years of study, observation and trial and error to learn. How will you use this vital information to provide your beagle with the warm, loving and fun environment it craves?

         Will you teach it how to do tricks? (Actually, there are five fun and easy tricks beagles love to learn… and do so in a few short days… whether they are brand new pups or older dogs!)

         Will you make sure a beagle is the right dog for you and your family BEFORE you buy one? (It’s only fair to both of you to know if a beagle is the right pet from the start so you avoid problems later on!)

         Will you teach it almost overnight how to stay house trained… even if you’re gone all day? (There is a simple strategy that guarantees your beagle will learn house training in record time with little to no effort on your part!)

         How much more fun will you have caring properly for your loving pet? After all, they depend on you and when you really understand the needs a beagle has you’ll feel a sense of pride knowing you’re providing the best for him or her.

     Look, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never owned a beagle in your life and just want a new puppy around the house for companionship… or… if you already own an older dog and want to learn a few more ways to keep him or her happy and healthy as long as possible.

     And it doesn’t matter if you want a beagle as a house pet, or to breed or to train as a show or hunting dog. Or just to show off to friends and family.

     Anyone can use the beagle secrets I’ll reveal to you for any of those reasons because I have the information you’ve been looking for.

Who Am I To Make Such Claims?

     My name is Jonathan Page. I began studying animal behavior as part of a psychology course in college. And I became fascinated with the way dogs (especially beagles) respond to specific “language” and commands we can give that they instinctively understand and obey.

     I accidentally stumbled upon a number of documented “processes” (only an elite group of animal scientists know exist) that instantly put you in control of your beagle’s behavior, quickly break bad habits (like incessant barking and howling), instill good habits and help you build a close loving relationship with your pet beagle.

     Over the past x years, I wrote seven books about canines and canine training and health and produced various products to aid dog owners in taking better care of their canine companions. I even turned down a lucrative offer to publish my works with a highly-regarded publishing house.

     I decided I would rather keep personal contact with my students and customers.

     Now I’m introducing my new e-book entitled… “Beagle Secrets No One Told You About”. It’s an authoritative owner’s manual jam-packed with every little secret, tip, trick and technique to care properly for the beagle in your life.

     In fact, here are just a few comments from happy readers of this book (and I have dozens of them!):

“I Highly Recommend
This System”

"These dogs have so many unique traits that they can be hard to handle at times. This system really shows you what to do and what NOT to do.

It is a 'must read' if you are thinking about buying a new 'member of the family' and a life saver if you are having some problems with your current dog or pup.

I highly recommend this system."

- Sharon Haubrich

“Very Valuable
Info To Know”

"...Yours is the first book I have read that goes through all the pros and cons so that anyone can easily know if they are the right breed for them. It is very valuable info to know."

- Jessie Bakker

“Positive Results In Just 2 Days”

Dear Jonathan,

Thank you for sending me information.

Yes, just what I was hoping to find, and would you believe??? Because I can't yet, I have some positive results in just 2days!! It's just magic.

Thank you again, I will keep you informed of further progress.

- Marlene


     Not only does this book reveal all the great secrets to keeping beagles under control and obedient… it also shows you all the dreadful stuff that could cost you a bundle! (Stuff like training mistakes, dealing with rip off obedience trainers, blunders, errors, health risks to be aware of, etc.)

     I put together a comprehensive resource with every secret all beagle owners must know.

     Secrets like:

         The six special rules for raising beagles that most owners are totally surprised to find out! (Follow these rules only if you want a well-adjusted pet!)

         Four easy steps to make sure your beagle and beagle puppy stays healthy!

         The primary factors that guarantee you get the right beagle for you and your family! (Believe it or not, dogs with certain dispositions may not be right for you. Here’s how to determine that before you fall in love with a dog you can’t tolerate!)

         How to “train” your beagle to love you and their new home! You’ll see how quickly you can make him or herfeel right at home and fit in with the family!

         A nine point checklist you must have if you're considering getting a beagle! (Don’t leave home without it!)

         10 warning signs that might save your pet’s life!

The One Place You Should Never
Buy A Beagle! If You Do You’ll Pay
Hundreds Of Extra Dollars To Get
Your Sick Dog Healthy Again!

         How to pick the right vet for your beagle! (Not all vets are the same when it comes to their knowledge about beagles. Here’s how to pick the right one!)

         Should you buy a Beagle puppy or should you buy an adult Beagle? (The answer depends on these factors.)

         Which beagle is better with kids...a male or female? (Don't buy one until you find this out!)

     And other beagle ownership secrets such as:

         How to make your home and yard safe for your adventurous Beagle! These dogs are feisty and love to roam around so you’ll need to keep them safe.

         The right kind of food that's best for Beagles! (Not all dogs are the same...and they shouldn't all eat the same food. This could make a huge difference!)

         The easiest way to keep your beagle from "roaming"... without having to put up an expensive fence!

         What to do if your Beagle becomes too hyper! (A common complaint from Beagle owners - but with this simple trick, it'll never happen!)

         Should you start out with a Beagle puppy or an adult Beagle? Find out for yourself!

The Truth About Obedience
Training For Your Beagle And
When It’s Really Necessary!

         How to stop your beagle from chewing up your shoes, furniture, and everything else...almost overnight! (And it has nothing to do with being harsh or unkind!)

         "Crate Training" - what it is...and is it safe?

         The "missing nutrient" that you don't find in most dog food... and how to make sure your Beagle is getting enough! Which food is better for beagles...canned, dry, or moist?

         The "right" time of day to feed your Beagle! (You might be in for a surprise because it’s not when you think!)

         Plus… more!

     Way more information than I have room here to talk about. As you can see, “Beagle Secrets No One Told You About” contains a lot (a whole lot) of valuable and little-known details about how to nicely control your beagle’s behavior, make them obey you on command, take care of their health and well-being and create the best possible environment for yourself and your special pet.

     Now, you’re probably wondering how much this special e-book is going to cost you. The truth is you can try it out at my risk.

Here’s The Deal…

     You should know that I only want people who are serious about the well-fare of their new or old beagle to buy my book. I’m sharing everything I learned with you and certainly feel only some people should even read the book in the first place. That’s why I decided to price the book high enough to weed out the tire-kickers who probably don’t care about their pet beagle very much.

     In order to keep those “types” away, I originally priced the book at $47.77.  But whenever you sell a book like this (so specific in nature) inevitably there are people who want it but can’t afford it.

     So I decided to lower the price for a short while to just $27.77.

     That’s a drop in the bucket when you consider how much money my book can actually save you on the care of your dog alone. Heck, just the section on how to keep your beagle healthy will prevent extra vet visits that cost an arm and a leg.

     This is ultra-valuable info you gotta have if you truly want the happiest, healthiest, and best-behaved beagle on the block.


   Unlimited Email Consultations - If you have a question or concern that is not covered in “Beagle Secrets No One Told You About” just email me using my private email. I’ll do my best to help you with your particular situation.

     This can be invaluable if you need some personal help. Nothing like this is offered anywhere! ($97.77 value)

     You also get an unheard of No Risk, 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Iron-Clad, NO Risk
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What this means is that if you’re not happy for any reason (or no reason at all) – you can get your money back… no if's, and's or but's about it.

But the book is yours to keep no matter what!

That's about as fair as it gets!

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Wouldn't it be great if everything came with this kind of guarantee?

With my "No-Hassle" guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to risk... and everything to gain.

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